Boulder Colorado is considered an abode for a perfect vacation with the year-round pleasant weather it has. The weather occurrences within the year in Boulder CO are the warm summers, extremely cold, dry and windy winters, and the yearly partial cloud. There is variation in the temperature within the year; this is from 22 degrees Fahrenheit and 87 degrees Fahrenheit. It is infrequent for the temperature to fall below 6 degrees Fahrenheit or go above 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Considering Boulder as a tourism center, visitors for warm weather activities do so from the mid-June to early September.

TEMPERATURE The hot season in Boulder lasts from June 8 till September 13, approximate of 3.1 months. The average daily temperature is usually high, above 78 degrees Fahrenheit and July 10 is the hottest day of the year with an average high temp of 87 degrees Fahrenheit and low temp of 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Conversely, the cold season is from November 18 to March 3, approximate of 3.5 months. The average daily high temperature is below 51 degrees Fahrenheit while December 30 is the coldest day of the year. It has an average low temp of 22 degrees Fahrenheit and a high temp of 42 degrees Fahrenheit.

RAINFALL There seasonal variations in the monthly rainfall as experienced by Boulder CO. The yearly rainy period lasts 8 months, which is from March 5 to November 5 with rain falling at a minimum of 0.5 inches for 31 days. During the 31 days is when the most rain falls, focused around May 15 with an average accumulation of 1.9 inches. The period without rain in the year is approximately 4 months; November 5 to March 5. While the minimum amount of rain falls around December 27 with an average accumulation of 0.1 inches.

SNOWFALL The period when snow falls in the year is around 6.7 months, starting October 10 to May 2 with sliding 31 days liquid-equivalent of 0.1 inches snowfall. The sliding 31-day is focused around December 21 with an average liquid-equivalent accumulation of 0.3 inches. The period without snow in the year lasts 5.3 months, starting May 2 to October 10. While the minimum snow falls sometime around July 19, with an average liquid-equivalent accumulation of 0.0 inches. SUN The earliest sun rises on June 14 around 5:31 am while the latest sunrise is 2 hours, 1 minute later than the earliest at 7:32 am on November 3. More so, earliest sunset occurs at 4:35 pm on December 7, while the current sunset is 3 hours, 58 minutes later on June 27 at 8:34 pm. Starting in the spring, March 11 to be precise, Daylight Saving Time (DST) for 2018 is observed in Boulder CO. This will last for 7.8 months as it will end in the fall of November 4.

HUMIDITY The humidity level is based on dew point which determines the evaporation of perspiration from the skin, in order to cool the body. The body feels dry at lower dew point but becomes more humid at higher dew point. The humidity level as perceived in Boulder, measured by time’s percentage where humidity comfort level is oppressive, muggy or miserable doesn’t vary over the year but remains a virtual constant of 0% throughout. WIND Local topography and few other factors determine the level of wind experienced in any location. For the 5.2 months of the year, it is windy. This is from November 11 to April 18, having wind speeds of over 8.0 miles per hour. January 17 usually comes as the windiest day of the year, having 10.1 miles per hour as the average hourly wind speed. Also, the calmer period in the year lasts 6.8 months, starting April 18 to November 11. In-between is the calmest day that falls on August 19, which has 5.8 miles per hour as the average hourly wind speed.

PRECIPITATION A wet day is determined by a minimum of 0.04 inches of liquid or its equivalent. Chances that days will be wet in Boulder differs all-through the year. Wet days are distinguished by snow alone, rain alone or a mixture of the two. This categorization makes precipitation in Boulder unstable all through the year.