National Conferences

Updated 04/03/17


All our members have the opportunity to attend the national conferences associated with SHPE and MAES. The two main national events are the MAES Symposium and the SHPE National Conference. However, there are several other more specialized events open to our members.

MAES Student Events:

28th Annual HEENAC Conference  was held in Anaheim, CA October 5-9, 2016 in partner with MAES and CAHSI. The HEENAC Conference consists of: professional development workshops, a college decathlon/hackathon, scholarship opportunities, and a career fair.

Check out our experience at the 28th HEENAC Conference in the gallery below.

MAES Leadership Academy 2017: Arlington, Texas March 8 – 11th 2017. This event focuses developing personal and professional leadership skills.

MAES Symposium: Will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada October 14-17, 2015. In addition to being a reunion of all the individual student/professional chapters, the MAES Symposium also consists of: professional development workshops, a college decathlon, scholarship opportunities, and a career fair.

Check out our experience at the 2014 MAES Symposium in the gallery below.

SHPE Student Events:

2016 SHPE Conference was held in Seattle, WA November 2-6 2016. With over 5,000 engineering professionals, students, and corporate representatives this is SHPE’s largest event. You can expect: a wide variety of workshops, an extreme engineering competition, scholarship opportunities, a career fair, and corporate tours.

Check out our experience at the 2016 SHPE Conference in the gallery below.

National Institute for Leadership Advancement (NILA): Location and Date TBD. NILA can help you advance your leadership skills by hosting: a series of workshops, team case studies on SHPE-related topics, and sessions on making the most of SHPE benefits.

Regional Leadership Development Conferences (RLDC): Denver, March 30th – April 2nd, 2017. Along with the other chapters in SHPE’s Region 3, we are invited to this event, which is designed to improve individual characteristics, the pre-college outreach programs and chapter structure. See Gallery for pictures or click here to read about some of our student’s experience.