Updated: 03/19/17


SHPE/MAES at CU Boulder Member Requirements 2015-2016:

To be considered an active member of SHPE/MAES at CU Boulder, you must fulfill all of the following requirements on this page

Pay annual $15 dues ($10 to SHPE National paid online, $5 for MAES paid to our SHPE/MAES chapter directly in-person)

Join SHPE by creating an account (or use an existing one) here: Have a credit card or paypal account ready.

  • instructions:
  • Once you have an account and are logged in, click the “Join/Renew Membership” tab at the top of the page.
  • Select the Undergraduate Membership from the drop down list.
  • Select Region 3 from the drop down list.
  • Select Region 3 University of Colorado Boulder from the bulleted list.
  • Your page should look similar to THIS
  • Confirm your information is correct and click “Continue”
  • The following page will ask you for some personal information, fill in any required fields and accept the terms of conditions of SHPE.
  • The following pages will ask about your current education and will also ask you to agree to the SHPE code of ethics.
  • After that you should be in the “Confirm and Proceed” page, where you will be asked to review your personal details again. Click the Add to Cart” button at the bottom of the page. 
  • You will be taken to your cart, click “Check out” at the bottom of the page. You will be asked if you would like to donate to SHPE, this is optional.
  • You will asked for personal information and your payment method, fill as appropriate.
  • You’re Done! Look for a registration confirmation email from SHPE shortly after registering.

Join MAES: 

You will need to pay $5 to our chapter in-person and receive the promo code before registering for MAES.

  • instructions:
  • Click “SIGN UP” under the (“STUDENT W/CHAPTER”) column
  • On the “Membership Status” page check the bubble beside “student” then click “Continue”
  • On the “Get Connected!” page create a username (you should use your email address for this), enter your first/last name, and next to “Student Chapters” select “University of Colorado Boulder” from the drop down then click “Continue”
  • On the “Membership Selection” page check the bubble beside “Student Membership Dues – $10.00,” then click “Continue with Selected Membership”
  • on the “Member Information” page fill in all the required information and upload your resume using the “Upload File” button, then click “Submit”
  • on the “Membership Dues” type the promo code given to you after paying dues into the “Promotional Code” box,  and click “Submit Securely”

Note that if the membership cost is a barrier preventing you from joining SHPE/MAES at CU Boulder, financial assistance is available. Feel free to email the chapter or talk to an officer for more information.

Participate in at least 8 of any of the following activities each semester:

  1. Membership Dues (per year):$15 for SHPE & MAES
  2. General Meetings (Only up to 5)
  3. Fundraising or Tabling
  4. Outreach event/committee:- Noche De Ciencias (Night of Science)- Science and Engineering Extravaganza (SEE)- Tutoring @ Boulder High School
  5. -Dinner Nights-Potlucks-Collaborations-Weekend Brunches
  6. BOLD Volunteering:-Engineering Sampler
  7. Space Grant Workshops

Look at our calendar for upcoming events you can participate in!